PhysiaClinic.com regularly receives messages of thanks from our patients or their family members for the exceptional online physical rehabilitation services we provide. Below are just a few examples of the lovely messages we have received. For privacy purposes, we only included the first names of the authors.

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Henry, USA


Lower-back treatment

My physiotherapist from physiaclinic.com was a lifesaver! I had been dealing with lower back pain for years and had tried everything to alleviate it, but nothing seemed to work. After just a few sessions with my therapist, I was able to reduce my pain and improve my mobility significantly. I can't thank physiaclinic.com enough for the care and expertise they provided.



Lower-back treatment

I was in a lot of pain from a lower-back injury and I was having trouble walking. Physia Clinic helped me to understand my condition and showed me exercises to help reduce my pain. I didn't expect this service can be served online and that efficiently. I would recommend this service to anyone struggling with lower back pain.

Peter, Expat from the UK

The Philippines

Lower-back treatment

To be honest, I was sceptical about online physiotherapy at first, but it turned out to be the best decision I could have made for my lower back pain. My therapist from Physia Clinic was knowledgeable and patient and helped me understand the root of my pain and how to alleviate it. I have seen a significant improvement in my pain from this program and I would highly recommend it to others.



Lower-back treatment

Physiaclinic.com was a game changer for me. I had been dealing with lower back pain for months and didn't think it would ever go away. But after just a few sessions with my physiotherapist, I am pain-free and able to enjoy my daily activities again. I am so grateful for the care and expertise of my therapist.



Neck treatment

I have been receiving physical therapy for my neck problems through physiaclinic.com for some time now and it has been a great experience. They provide me with a customised exercise program that is tailored to my specific needs. I have seen a significant improvement in my pain and mobility and I appreciate the convenience of being able to do my therapy from home.

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